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Question Yaris iA auto transmission noise when shifting

Whenever my 5,000 mile iA Yaris with automatic transmission changes gears (e.g. out low when speeding up or into low when slowing) the transmission makes a short noise. That noise reminds me of a squeak of a sneaker on a wooden gym floor. Loudest when up-shifting while accelerating up a slight incline. Transmission works OK; shifts when it should, does not slip, etc.
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I don't hear that sound with mine, but I have only 800 miles on mine.
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I have 1,000 miles on my automatic ia. And yes I have noticed this sound. I never noticed it until recently. When I drive from a stop, when the transmission shifts from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd (not sure) it's right around 20mph I hear a short faint whistle sound, or a faint muffled scream. It's barely noticeable, and when I look at the tachometer it coordinates to when the Rpms go down during the shift. It does not do this when accelerating more than 20mph. When I put it in sport mode, from a stop I hear the sound around 25 mph. I only hear it when the ac and radio is off, windows up. It is so faint, you have to be really listening for it. I don't know if it was always there or not because I usually have the radio on. I tried recording it, but it doesn't pick up the sound on audio. I did some googling and I saw on 2 places someone else has noticed this (it may be from the same person) but one person replied that they heard it too. And the dealers that test drove new ones, heard a faint whistle. I'm not sure if it is something to be concerned about or not. It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who hears this. I posted the links below of the person who heard this as well. I don't know if it's an automatic thing or what. Does anyone else hear this?

I don't have enough posts to post links or photos so I will copy the text and supply the source.


Whistling noise when shifting - Normal?

I just purchased a 2017 Yaris IA (automatic) and after 3 weeks there is a whistling noise coming from the engine when it shifts gears - loud enough to hear with the ac or radio on. I took it into the dealer, said they didn't hear anything so I went for a drive with one of the tech and pointed out the noise. After rechecking, I was told that they drove two other new Yaris' on the lot, heard the whistle slightly but could not compare it to mine, with 1K miles on it - so they concluded that it was normal for the Yaris - really!?

It sounds like the engine has a small hole in it. Is this normal? Does anyone else have that whistling noise? What can it be? Any advise? Thanks!

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2. Toyota owners Yaris ia Ask an owner

Recently purchased an 2017 IA with no noises when I did the test drive - month later there is a whistling noise when it shifts into 2nd gear. Anyone else hear that?
I took it into the dealer and they said it was normal for the IA!? I have owned Toyotas all my life and never heard such a noise, especially from a new vehicle. It sounds like there is a hole in the engine and is letting out air - Wwssshhhhhhh .... to me it doesn't sound right and it is kinda loud even with the radio or ac on. They could not pinpoint the problem as there was no other vehicle on the lot with 1k miles to compare it to. Can anyone help?


If it"s the same noise I hear I"m assuming its just the computer aiding in the shift.
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Yarisworld isn't interested in talking about the iA version. They are strictly Toyota-made Yaris people there (I know, I used to post there when I had a 2010 Yaris).

I started hearing that sound this week. It was probably doing it all along and I didn't notice. I have 1018 miles on my car now. It almost sounds like a vacuum leak.

I think the best place to post a question is on a Mazda forum, since the car is really a Mazda. There may be a forum for Mazda2 people.
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I hear this same thing. I just figured it was something to do with the higher compression ratio the ia has. It doesn't bother me any the car drives great.
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My 2017 Yaris iA has 12k miles on it and has also made a whistling sound when shifting from 1st to 2nd for almost the entire time I've had it. I took it to the dealer for it at 8k miles and they said they compared it to other iAs they had on the lot and that they all made the same whistle when shifting. Don't know why but they said it's normal and mine hasn't blown up yet.
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I haven't had any such issue but I'm in a manual.
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I have the automatic. Not a whistle but more like a "whoosh" noise when it shifts gears. I guess that is normal?
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Anyone consider changing transmission fluid @30,000 - 60,000 miles as preventive maintenance. Looking to keep this vehicle for 20 years.... I heard Mazda auto transmission has problems.. Ia is equipped with long life fluid, but in reality no single fluid can last forever.


Ps... Referring to a transmission change, not flush....
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I just got my automatic iA yesterday. It has 90 miles on it now and I've been hearing the noise right from the start. Trans shifts fine. Im not going to worry about it until there is a service bulletin or recall. Hopefully there wont be either of those.
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