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Yup, that just set it in stone. They have to cover that under warranty. Don't accept anything less
I'm here learning about the IA. I have already asked two dealers for quotes and am going to make my move to the IA this Spring. I have read that the car is very reliable. Reliability is my biggest reason for buying anything. For the most part can you tell me about the car's reliability? I just read that Mazda is now in the top 5 for reliable automobiles. I believe it was #4....Honda slipped to 8. Lexus and Toyota were 1 and 2. Anyway, what is your take on the car. I'm excited to get one. I weeded out the Mitsu Mirage Sedan, Honda Fit, and Hyundai Accent. let me know what you think. The best price I got so far is $15,200. That includes the $499 tax fee everyone pays, and destination charge.
I bought mine for 11 or 12 otd new something certified pre owned don't take the depreciation hit on a subcompact car they don't hold value well. Look at civics or corolla or mazda 3 if you want something like a ia my door moldings falling off and mine is a 16 and other various problems
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