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Intermittent Noise While Stopped

Well I've had a lot of cars over the years and I've never heard this noise before. 2016 Scion iA Auto, noise started a month ago with 49k on the ODO, still intermittent a month later with 51k on the ODO.

So here are the conditions. Car is stopped, brake is fully depressed, and is either in Drive or Reverse. Generally only happens right after the initial start of the car, but did hear it once after an hour drive as well. It's been both cold and warm and has happened. The only thing right now that sticks out is that it has been wet when it happened.

When I have the brake pedal pressed and in Drive, say at a stop light. There is a noise that I can only describe as a large single rock in a dryer. It's a rotational sound, but it's not consistent (random). The car will also lurch forward periodically when it makes this noise but not all the time. Once I release the brake the noise will immediately go away. And after driving for 10 minutes or so, when I stop again it won't make the noise. I've also gone days without hearing it.

Took the car into the dealership two weeks ago, but of course it wasn't doing it at that time. There were no ABS / AT lights so they refused to read for codes (said they wouldn't exist).

Also as a side note, periodically with no rhyme or reason. When stopped at a light at the engine is at 500 RPM's there is a strong vibration through the brake pedal and steering wheel.

Anyone else had either of these issues? I have a feeling they are related (almost like a bad torque converter). My biggest worry is it'll finally hard break after 60k and the warranty is up. Which won't be long since I drive 121 miles 5 days a week round-trip to work and can only offset that mileage in the FR-S when it's nice out .
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