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Originally Posted by joelg1988 View Post
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You didn't happen to notice a nice front jacking point did you? There is a jack adapter in the trunk, and I can see where it goes in the rear end. But I need to change my rotors and pads and would like to jack from the front rather than by the pinch weld / frame rails.
I agree with you about lifting vehicle from the front end tackling both rotors at the same time without having to jack each side separately, however I'd recommend you being careful about lifting a FWD vehicle from the front end, because even with the parking brake and the transmission in park (or in gear if you cave a manual). The car can roll back easily specially if you lift it at a high angle. (I used to work at a shop and I've seen this happen before.

When you have a RWD vehicle and you put the parking brake and the vehicle in Park, its almost impossible that it will roll if you lift the front.

My suggestion to you is to jack each side as you go (I know it's more work and it takes longer, but it's a lot safer).

just my 2 cents.
Agreed, I always use chocks since my FR-S I lift from the rear time to time for brake changes (track / auto x) and it being a manual RWD there’s nothing but the chocks to stop the front from rolling. I’ve just never liking lifting a car from one side and avoid it at all costs.
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