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Arrow Auto-dim on display not working.

Originally Posted by will4958 View Post
I tried fiddling around with that, too (a little to much), and didn't get anywhere with it. However, if you have Android Auto installed, you can set the app on your phone to automatically dim the head unit. The instrument cluster won't dim, but your head unit will. If you have Developer Mode enabled, you can select Developer Settings from the app's main settings menu, then select Day/Night, then Phone-controlled as the preferred option. From then on, your phone will automatically dim your screen.
You have Android Auto installed? Is that from some sort of hack?

Yeah I don't believe there's an "auto"-dim feature for both instrument cluster and infotainment screen. I do notice if I turn the instrument light adjustment / trip odometer reset stick knob to the right-most during the night with the headlight on, both instrument cluster and infotainment screen become the brightest mode or day-time mode which will be too bright for night-time driving. Just can't turn past that little resistance when adjusting the instrument cluster and infotainment screen brightness with that stick knob for night-time driving with headlight on.
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