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Exclamation Just replaced mine...

Found a vendor on eBay that was parting out a wrecked 2016 iA and was selling the CMU unit for $115. Pay no attention to the Mazda 3 video about pulling the entire dash apart! There is a panel in front of your display and one behind. Pull these two covers, there are 2 bolts holding the unit down; remove them. The entire unit with the display attached will slide out. Disconnect the cables (perhaps mark them so you can get them back in the correct place - although they are all keyed to only fit one jack). Check the part number on the bottom of the unit - mine is: DD1B 66 9C0A. The new one was a few months newer and had a part number of DD1B 66 9C0B - swapped the two and voila! The system booted up immediately! Easy swap! The Toyota dealer estimated it would be $1200-1500 to replace! Really? For a 5 minute swap?

Looking for a vendor that takes units to be refurbed and thinking I may be able to get a few bucks in exchange for my used unit...

Well worth the time and effort! Best to you!
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