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  1. iA Issues And Problems
    So I got gas the other day after driving on empty for about 5 miles. After pulling out of the gas station I tried to accelerate quickly, but the car lost power and jerked forward. This has been happening every time I try to accelerate quickly, or go up hills- misfiring sounds from the engine and...
  2. Exterior and Interior
    Hi Scion Forums, I am trying to find advice on how to remove the A-Pillar on the drivers side between the door and the windshield. I have heard there is an airbag in this section so if you remove the A-Pillar you need to first disconnect the battery to avoid setting off the airbags. I believe...
  3. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Sis just bought a 2016 Scion iA m/t. I have dug through this forum and reddit, and the rest of the good ol' web, but haven't seen any recent posts about a tune on an iA. OVtuning says on their homepage that they are no longer accepting anything but Toyotas. I am assuming since Mazda engine, that...
1-3 of 3 Results