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This writer needs an editor. Here are a few snippets:

proved the perfected place to size up the Scion-ified Mazda.
the iA offers six standard airbags and a low-speed pre-collision safety system. The system employs a forward-facing camera that monitors the road ahead. Between two and 18 mph, the system will audibly warn drivers if they haven’t begun to slow when approaching a car. If the driver still fails to slow, the iM will automatically begin to apply the brakes. Thankfully I didn’t have to test this feature first-hand during my drive.
The automaker is convinced Millennials enjoy shopping from their couch verses sitting in a showroom cubical.
High school kids, college students, and young professions should find its laundry list of features, fuel economy, and fit and finish very appealing against its competitors.

Long story short, you should see the iA in person before you make a judgment call on its looks.

The skinny 185-series tires give up long before the MacPherson front and Torsion Beam rear suspensions. Steering is also direct with no on-center slack. Once loaded up, the wheel becomes more communicative, transmitting a surprising amount of road feel without being twitchy.
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