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Hey everyone. Adding my 2016 Scion ia to the list of issues with transmission. July 2019 the car stalled with a very loud metal on metal grinding sound from under the car directly below. During the shrieking grinding the car slipped gears, down shifted or something else and suddenly slowed/stopped. Spouse was thrown forward and also was hit pretty hard by the car behind causing a collision strong enough for everything inside the car to fly forward and fall to the floor. Spouse is very injured now seeing multiple doctors a month and a half later. Had no idea that there were issues with the car itself and just considered it an oddity with the car in the rear at fault for driving to close behind.

On September 2nd this year the car did it again with me as the driver and spouse as the passenger. Incredible grinding, metal on metal sound with the car suddenly going from around 30 to 20 throwing us both forward. Spouse stated it was the exact thing that happened previously that caused the collision, sudden grinding noise sudden, forceful slowing. We are both now in treatment with whiplash and other injuries. Went home after the second incident and looked online and found multiple online reports of the exact same thing happening to others. Called the dealer and told asked them on the warranty coverage and was told drive train was still covered. Also told them the car needed to be recalled immediately as it was extremely dangerous and if this were to happen at high speeds people would be killed which is not an exaggeration by any means.

Today I filed a complaint with the NHTSA with the DOT and encourage all who have experienced this to file the online complaint form. They are aware there are multiple cases but if people don't report it directly they will not have the info needed to force Toyota to recall. The online address to file the formal complaint with the DOT is (add w):

Also found today that there are attorney's reviewing transmission issues with Toyota with multiple Toyota cars where transmissions and failing and causing injuries. Again, the more that share their experiences the more likely we will be to get a recall going and class action lawsuits done to get compensation for damages. A link to report your experience is here.

You can also file a complaint directly with Toyota directly which I recommend doing it as well. The number is 1 (800) 331-4331.

We consider our car unsafe to drive and it will be towed to the dealer as soon as they get someone at the dealer to handle the formal inspection.
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