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A/C Only Blows Cold When i Drive 40mph

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I live in hot Arizona and it gets up to 117-120 degrees here in the summer. Brake Masters recharged my A/C two years ago when i got the car and it only blows cold when im driving 40mph or more. Although i didn't notice a big difference when they did it and they said it was a lil low at the time so they filled it. Any idea what's going on? Im gonna test to see if it improves when i rev to 2000rpm 1-min after i start the car. The fans for the radiator spin normally but i double check to make sure. My car is the nearly black deep sea blue color.
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I had to recharge mine this year, I went to Walmart and picked up one of the AC recharge kits for around $16 that has the gauge built-in. This made a world of difference and now my AC is cold.
Check your condenser, it should be clean and nothing blocks the air flow through it.
I had recharged mine with some refrigerant due to hot wether and full of dust condenser, the safety valve of the compressor releases the refrigerant to reduce the pressure.
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