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Adding Cruise Control?

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I have a unicorn. My new-to-me 2016 Toyota Yaris iA is a Toyota, not a Scion, because it started in Puerto Rico. They changed the name a year earlier there, and the radio is different, and all of their safety/pollution rules match up with the 48-state-specs, so I'm happy...

Except it does not have cruise control. Good for Toyota to tailor their models to local demand (no arctic engine block heaters or cruise control on a tropical island), but I live in a big rectangle midwestern state and want me some cruise.

Now that everything is run by the computer and drive by wire, I hope its is just a matter of installing switches and maybe a module somewhere. Has anyone attempted this?
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Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your unique purchase. Sorry I can’t be much help. I also suspect there won’t be many people who have added cruise control. Hopefully it is not a major endeavor.

Post some pictures. I am interested in the differences between our models.
For the Toyota Yaris hatchbacks, for 2012-18, the base L model can have cruise added, since wires are there already, just add a switch.

Maybe can add from Mazda 3 or CX3?
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