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An unknown gem

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Bought this car in September Frost IA before it was ever heard of. Drove several compacts on a dealership lot, then noticed 2 of this car and the gas mileage posted. After driving I realized this was the nicest compact car I have ever driven. Have 4500 miles on it now and have averaged 40+ mpg every tank. So far best car purchase i have made.
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Nice! Welcome!

I was looking for a new car (also in Sept), and saw that the Mazda 2 was being released as a Scion. I went to look at it (because I had a 2011 Mazda2 that i loved), and sure enough, i was hooked... The gas mileage has been a slightly unexpected bonus!

Anyway, hope you keep loving it!
Which other compacts did you drive before the iA?
I looked at a Nissan Sentra which felt like the transmission was coming apart, and a Corrola that had bricks for seats. Also looked at Kia Rio. None of those rides were close to the ia in comfort. Color is Frost to answer the previous question. I have never owned a Mazda, but under the hood seems well engineered and I can't believe how relaxed I feel now after a long commute and I am 6'1"
Speaking about the sentra, I was actually impressed with the improvements they made with it over the years, but too bad for them it still isn't enough to make me want one.
Interstate drive
I've had one trip that was 58mpg, I missed it in time to take a picture :<
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