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Here's latest from agartner from Mazda3Revolution.
I just tried it works great, back up camera working, it's very nicely integrated. It'll be touch screen only on the android auto navigation (get those screen cleaner ready!).

Changes over v0.83

Backup cam is no longer broken
Media keys work and voice button works
Press favorite key to toggle between AA audio and radio audio
Press home key to quickly kill AA
Some startup issues fixed

Known issues

Credits only displayed on first opening of AA
Blank screen after exiting AA if backup cam was used
when returning from backup cam, first frame will be static/garbage. A new gui frame needs to originate from the phone before static disappears.
Phone bluetooth not functioning (disable bluetooth on car/phone)
Next and previous buttons will generate two keystrokes the first time pressed


fix phone
use track keys to switch radio stations when in radio mode
fix audio level issues (try skipping a song, then pause and press play again)
commander control


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