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Anybody change the tire size?

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After realizing how few options there are on the default tire size (185/60r16) I am planning to switch to Michelin Premier A/S tires at a 205/55r16. Anybody do anything similar? How was the affect on gas mileage, acceleration, handling, etc?
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I havent yet but after the research I have done I'm going to be switchng to 195 55 r16 they have a slightly smaller diameter and are slightly wider. The smaller diameter reduces rolling resistance and the wider tire increases rolling resistance whereas with 205 55 r16 has a larger diameter and is wider which both increase rolling resistance altho the rpm of the 205s is more similar to stock than the 195s but the 195s put closer to the same amount of resistance on your transe so kind of a toss up but I'm leaning towards the 195s.
Yes Dear,
In my country I could not get the original size of tires, therefore I'm using Danlop 205/55 r16.
It gives me great comfort with stability and I wished if the engine was turbo charged, but I can not tell about fuel consumption because the fuel quality is very low I think it's lower the 80. I got poor mileage since the beginning the average is between 24 and 26mpg
And I don't see big difference in consumption compared to the original size.
I have Yokohama all season's 205/55/16. They are smoother and quieter for me vs. the stock tires and the car handles bumps much more comfortably. I was constantly losing air in the stock Toyo's and had to patch all of them at least once within 25k miles. I haven't had any problems since I swapped them out.
I believe i'm losing a few mpg on the highway, but not too significant. My speedometer was already a couple of mph off before the change of tires, but I'm not seeing any much difference in that after.
running on 205x17x50 in the summer and original toyos in the winter- have two sets of wheels. Summer fuel 35 avg. Winter 33 avg. At some point it did drop to 29 about two years ago- dealer put in shitty oil. went back and made them to change engine oil back to super synthetic- it went back to 33/35 mpg. Clean your air filter too. Tires have very little impact on mpg for this car. I have manual and driving it somewhat aggressively.
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