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Apple carplay

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I have a 2016 Scion Ia and I am trying to install apple car play, I have see and read that I would need to use mazda software v 70.0 but I am not getting anywhere I keeping getting install unsuccessful. on the oem version it says fail safe not available.


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my understanding is there are 3 versions available

30, oldest weakest.
50, came with my 2019, old, weak.
70, the very thing we want.

30 and 50 have a " fail safe" version that has to be installed before the actual version can be installed.

the Mazda dealer told me to install all 5, in order, to go from 50 to 70, just to be sure.


yes, the id # of each has lots more digits than just the first two but the only version I care about is whatever long 70 number is current when I am ready to use it.

the fail safe system was dropped for 70 so there is no fs70 to install first.
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