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Okay so bear with me because I'm not a car person (when it comes to mechanics) so I had to actually ask what a camshaft was (while at the dealership and still I'm not sure I get what happened)...but long-story-short, I bought my 2017 Toyota IA March of 2017 and this past Sunday it died on the side of the road. Toyota towed it (thankful for the 2 years of free roadside service!) and the mechanic told me it was the camshaft and he had to order a valve assembly kit and sprocket for it. But yeah, my car was not going anywhere. It would start, sputter and shudder, then cut off.

It really worries me, as it's only got 8,500 miles on it and is just under 6 months old. Anyone else ever heard of this? Even the mechanic asked me jokingly "What'd you do to your CAR?!" Believe me, I'm not laughing right now. Thankful I have a loaner from Toyota but this really upsets me. It's a brand new car and that's why I went with new. I didn't want an unreliable car.

Just wanted to know if anyone else had this issue
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