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Coolant temperature after connecting to OBDII through the Torque app

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I thought this would be an interesting post, more of an FYI since our vehicles do not have a temperature gauge (crazy, right?)...

First of all, I live in Vegas so as you know, in July we see very very high temperatures, plus it's a somewhat hilly city so most of the highways are at a heavy incline (therefore the vehicle experiences a bigger engine load at highway speeds).

Today 7/17/2018 was 86 degrees at 7:30am, therefore I had to turn on the A/C. My drive to work consists of 80% hwy driving with very prominent inclines. Vehicle had temperature ranges from 183 to 198 degrees).

at 5:00pm rush hour traffic and 115 degrees outside, here are the results (same route, just backwards, still lots of inclines): 185 degrees at flat highway driving and 203 degrees at a heavy incline going 70 mph. Idle temperature was 190 degrees.
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