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I just purchased my 2016 Yaris Sedan a few weeks ago (iA).
Believe it or not, Toyota Canada does not have a part number listed for a block heater.. hence no block heater. Even the dealer doesn't understand though they have only sold two units so far this past year with mine being the second and didn't believe me at first when I said its built by Mazda.
Anybody in the US have a block heater part number (or picture) from Scion iA? I think they are the same engine... Mazda 2 1.5L SkyActiv engine. I can see frost plugs on the right side of the engine (nearest firewall) and right above one frost plug at the back of engine near where transmission mounts there is a threaded plug in the block about the same size as the frost plugs. I'm guessing this is where the block heater would thread in but ....
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