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So i disliked the lack of interior lights on the iA and didn't want to fork over +$200 for the OEM footwell kit...
Ordered these (though mine are white which i don't see available anymore?) - for $12
I'm surprised how good quality it actually is... the strips are prewired (good amount of solder too) in a chain, the wire is super fine gauge (as usual) but double insulated, the lights are bright and wrapped in clear cover so are well protected (they say water proof, if water gets to where these are installed, the car is in all sorts of trouble already).
Hooked up to the centre dome light so it works exactly as the overheads work - on / off / door
Here's my install guide...
1. laid out the lights in their respective wells. The 'end' of the chain is the front passenger footwell, leading behind the passenger to rear, then across to behind driver, and then up to the driver footwell.
2. i ran the front passenger light up the kick panel (centre console) and used the already provided double sided tape (3M) to stick it to under dash
3. run the cable along inside of plastic panel centre console to near back of seat, coming out UNDER the seat rail and because the bottom of the seats are fabric (nothing steel or plastic to stick to) , i used some velcro (hook side only) onto the lights and stuck them there...
4. run the cable back to the other side again tucking the cable under the console... do the same as 3 for under drivers seat
5. run the cable up to the drivers footwell, again under the centre console panel... up under the steering wheel and there is a small lip of plastic that you can stick the double sided to.
6. i then ran the last stretch of cable, with the cig power socket, up along the rubber door trim, tucking it up inside, all the way up the door till it gets to the TOP of the A pillar... where the trim meets the headliner
7. used a panel tool (or anything plastic really like a credit card) to push the cable inbetween the join there and up into the headliner... you can run it along the roof / headliner until you get near the rear view mirror
8. i cut off the cig socket, undid the over head dome (2 philips head screws inside the sunglass holder - may be really tight) pulled that down, threaded my cable to it ... you will be able to see light through the gap where the headliner meets the window (photo b)
9. spliced the pos / neg of the lights to the tops of the light socket where they've already kindly provided a hole to contact, held wires with small screws into holes (make sure lights work because of polarity) (photo c)
10. check lights with dome switch ... place back ... all done

Few before and after photos :)


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hello I am going to be doing this on my IA already ordered the kit from amazon. instead of connecting it to the dome lights I'm just gonna leave it connected to the cig outlet. I would like to run the wire under the carpet for the back seat, except I'm not sure how to remove the plastic trim from the side. I'm scared that if I just pull the plastic off I will break something. did you remove any plastic do run the wires? thanks in advance!

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Significant difference from before and after. I'm planning on doing this but also doing a blue led strip as well. White ones wired like yours to the dome, blue to a switch that'll light up under the seats, in the cupholders, maybe in the vents, door handles, wherever else I can stick a led where it'll look good lol
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