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Greetings from Cincy

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Hello guys.

New to the forum, proud iA owner since April. I've already racked up 11,000 miles on the thing through various roadtrips around the midwest and south. This is the first new car I've ever owned and am psyched to be a part of the community and learn about the car, I plan on keeping it as long as possible. Not sure what, if any modifications I'll be doing to it, I've already updated the infotainment system so we'll see where it goes from there.

Thanks, everyone!
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Welcome :)
if you happen to use facebook, also join Scion iA Owners group ;)
I saw your comment about your friends Mirage vs your iA ... I feel for Mitsubishi, they can make decent cars but i think they're going to end up going the way of Suzuki...
Great choice for a new car, as you see more compacts on the road you'll appreciate the iA even more, this is one of the few time we can get a compact as loaded as these are.

keep us posted on how things go with it, some guys love to document the process.
Welcome to the forums ! Once you start the modding.. it never ends. This place here is going to encourage you to pick that wallet ;)
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