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Got mine on Memorial Day Week-end.

It was time for my regular driver - a 2001 Honda Civic - to move to new pastures as a trade-in. So glad they took it, the car had seen better days, and it helped with financing.

I had been looking for awhile, the photos of the interior of the Ia reminded me so much of my 1994 Capri, and got me really, really excited. The Capri was long sitting doing nothing in the driveway. I happily gave the Capri to collector-friend in February, but - unlike with the generic Honda - was sad to see it go.

The Ia suits me well - both the Ia and the Capri are/were sporty little 4-bangers built (under a non-Mazda badge) by Mazda. Both are fun to drive. I'll try to load a pic of the Capri.

Hitch and bike rack added this past week, now it's ready for the bicycle trip.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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