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Hi everyone! My name is Cara and I purchased a brand new Toyota IA on 3/25/17 in "Pulse" red. Thought I'd join this forum and say hello!

Unfortunately, my car is actually in the shop - engine issue with the camshaft so I'm not overly thrilled since my car is so new (literally, it was brand new in March; had 5 miles on it when I got her but it's within warranty charge to have it fixed) but I do still love the car in general. She looks gorgeous with the windows tinted which I am glad I had done!
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I have fillings for your problems- my suggestion walk away if you can from this one, over all its very very good car, but if this kinda issues happens at this stage- walk away, get new one or replacement and newer trust dealership!
That really sucks about your problems so early on. Hope it gets fixed for you.
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