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Hi everybody

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New 2017 Toyota iA owner here. I've had this car for about a month and I'm happy with it so far.
I find it interesting that I've never seen another iA on the road yet. Why are people not buying this car?
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People are buying crossovers. Subcompact cars just aren't popular when compact cars are a lot bigger, more power, similar fuel economy, and only a bit more.
Perhaps but this car is usually heavily discounted, especially if you take the $2000 rebate offered by Toyota.
A Mazda3 sport costs about $4000 more. That's approximately 30% more than the price of the iA.
For a regular commuter car, I think this is more than adequate for most people.
A lot of people finance their cars over 60 or 72 months so I guess the couple thousand difference doesn't factor in that much, at least that's how I think it'd be. People finance phones through carriers even if it costs a bit extra over a long term period and maybe that applies to cars too? Either way, crossover sales are sky rocketing in the U.S. to the point where for the first time ever, a crossover outsold a sedan (Rogue outsold the Camry) and the Camry competes in one of the most competitive segments on the market. The iA is very cheap and affordable, but bigger cars are just as affordable as well and with Hyundai/Kia offering so much features at competitive prices, value is pretty good. Subcompacts are a niche segment and it wouldn't be surprising if it died out in the U.S within the next couple of years.

As for me, I love small cars though. I'd take a Mazda3 over a Camry or Accord any day. But what I love even more than small cars are hot hatches, and Toyota's built a hot hatch Yaris overseas. A small car and a hot hatch? A Small hot hatch? OMG gimme!!
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Thanks for the info. I must say that I don't trust the reliability of Hyundai, Kia, and Nissan vehicles. Nissan in particular had several issues with its CVT transmissions. But part of me wonders if I should have bought the Corolla iM instead. The iM is a practical hatchback with great exterior styling for only about $2000 more. However I also wanted a traditional automatic that handles well and I really liked all of the features the iA had to offer, especially the interior. The iA is also one of three subcompacts recommended by consumer reports.

The iM actually looks pretty good. I'm not really into hatch backs (hot hatches are exceptions, I love hot hatches, lol) but I do like the styling of the iM. Apparently, it drives a bit better than the Corolla sedans because the iM was designed and tuned for European markets. It doesn't have nearly as much rear leg room as the Corolla sedan but who needs rear legroom when I have adequate room in the drivers seat, right? :D

That being said, the iA would probably still handle better/more fun to drive. Mazda really knows how to build fun little economy cars.
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