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JDM Ambient Light

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Just installed this today. Replaces the overhead console and is almost identical except for the ambient light, came with a harness and plugs into the existing plug, just had to swap over the microphone. Hard to see the difference in the pics but lights up the whole armrest/cupholder/shifter area. A great compliment to the under dash lights.


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It was $111 with shipping from Japan, not cheap though it's a nice touch.
You can definitely see the difference on the armrest but I'm sure the pictures don't do it justice at all.

Do you have a daytime picture of the unit ?
Not a bad look at all. How bright is it from the outside? Because i've seen some pictures of interior dome lights from the outside and some aren't that bright and others are extremely bright and easily noticeable from a distance.
I have swapped out the dome lights for LEDs from Mazda UK and those are definitely noticeable from the outside. The down light is barely noticeable from the exterior but very noticeable inside as it gives a 'glow'.
How's that tune working out for you? 30hp more huh?
Ha no, I would say about 10-15hp and about the same torque. Just more opened up and smooth. Makes the car even more fun and brings it to life, plus it was a fun experience tuning it and working with Mat.
I wonder if it's possible to get it to the miata hp since it's the same motor
Not sure. I run premium but still average 40+ MPG and over 400 miles per tank. It has made this car much more fun.
Where did you buy the part from? And how easy/difficult was transferring the microphone to the new piece?
I bought it through the microphone was a little tricky because of the way the tabs are holding it in, I used a very thin screwdriver and moved slow is all. It pops right into the new housing perfectly and works just fine.
Last question, promise! Where did you connect the positive wire? I understand people on the Mazda forums are tapping into the head unit dimmer wire, which I may explore...
Haha no worries! I actually wired in to my footwell lighting so it would dim with the switch because it was too bright by itself.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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