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I'd been looking for something to replace my Gen 1 Honda Insight 5MT for a while, and settled on a Yaris iA after test-driving an auto (no manuals around).

Picked it up Saturday AM about 100 miles from home, then at 2pm, found out a seat was available for an auto race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I gassed it up, hopped in, and drove 600 miles down after driving 3 hours in the AM to pick it up, raced Sunday, and drove 600 miles back last night.

What a great little car - 42 mpg average and I wasn't driving for fuel economy. Prior owner put in HIDs which I thought I'd have to rip out on side of the road and replace with incandecent, but they're actually quite good at night.

Only thing at this point is the spoiler brake light doesn't work - I'm not thrilled about a spoiler generally, but the price was right on the car.

I would post a link, but it won't let me. If you go to then add HS9l8PA you can see the car at the track.
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