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Mud guards

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I see the iA is being sold as the Yaris sedan in Canada, and mud/splash guards are available as a $155 dealer-installed option. Has anyone found a place to buy these in the US?

I may call a Canadian dealer and ask if they can ship them stateside.
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Can't wait to see them installed on your iA.
It's going to be ugly, but at least functional!

Beats having all that mess on the body, especially if you run through a lot of it consistently... like slush you get during winter.

Tried giving the parti number to my dealer and not listed in the US inventory system.

Can someone post a dealer name and website of where they ordered?
Mine arrive today and appreciate the tips. I was hoping it would be easy but looks a bit involved.
Quick image of the front mudgard. Wont let me add rear one says image it too large


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1 - 4 of 35 Posts
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