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While I am just joining the forum, We have owned our iA since new almost 5 years ago. We bought the iA for the kids with the idea that they should have the vehicle with the most safety features in the family fleet.

After hearing of the troubles other families have had with kids in old cheap used cars, I believe the iA was the the best possible choice. I even believe it will turn out to be the cheapest choice in the long run as others have paid for expensive repairs and we have not even had much of a depreciation hit.

The iA now has 25,000 miles and I am considering making it my daily driver when the second kid graduates from college in 2 years. I love the way it drives. The handling is great. The technology is everything I need. The only thing I would add is a center arm rest and the button on the door to unlock the car without taking out the key fob.

Our iA is the great looking bright blue sedan with auto and navigation. Who could ask for more.
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