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After researching online and a few bike rides to look at the narrowed selection on Sunday at area dealerships, the time had arrived for the test drive. It was going to have a manual transmission. Part two, with fifty years of road thrashing experience under my belt, I can fall into most any car, but I do appreciate the ability to easily exit a vehicle after the daily adventures. The test drive began with the pulse red IA. The woman riding shotgun, and Javier, our excellent sales rep, in the back seat behind me. Javier is 6'4" and I am 6"0" to share the seat positions as we left on the test drive. Since I had no knees in the back, the back seat has enough room when needed, put a mental check here. The IA is fun to drive. It has an easy and slick clutch and stick. The IA handles well. The size is fun, and is a momentum vehicle. Keep the RPM's humming 3 G and above and the car moves well. :DThe IA driving impressions remind me of my MGB from years past, not powerful, but light, small, and a blast to drive. Back to the dealership at the end of the test drive and part three, the climb out of the car test. Much to my surprise, the IA is quite easy to exit, another mental check. Javier, let's go inside and take care of this $149 pure lease offer. Hello to all in the forum, or as we say in SC hey y'all.:laugh:


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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