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I traded my iA in last night. I did not wanted to and started to grow on me but 10 min driving my 17 Mirage G4 CVT, realized it was the right thing.

The iA is good on handling but very bouncy on any road imperfection. Also after 14k of having it, it will crash in bigger bumps. One thing that made me change was the seat ergonomics. The headrest was way to forward and the seat felt like I am forced into fetal position. I drive 110 miles a day to work. The back seats are horrid for any passenger after 15 min on driving. The headrests are insanely placed. My shuddering started to come back and I think is related to heat since when it was cold I had no issues. The shiftier also became imprecise and going from 2-3/4-5 turned very rubbery. One more thing that really got to me was the bad side visibility. I am 5.11 and would always see the side pillars left and right. And lets not talk about the headlights since it seemed I was using candles!

I will miss it but not for long since will soon get an MX5 Club sport;-)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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