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I have a '17 Yaris iA, frost colored, and wanted to give it a look distinctive to others on the road.

After installing a rear spoiler, mud flaps, black carbon fiber license plate frames and black carbon fiber rear bumper appliqué, I'm experimenting with pin stripes.

From my auto parts store, I purchased a $7 40' roll of black 1/4" pin striping tape. This tape is easily removable if you don't like the results.

I decided to stripe the lower crease running from the front wheel opening back and sloping up to the rear wheel opening, and continuing from behind the rear wheel opening around the rear fenders along the crease line, terminating at the corner of the rear bumper upper surface where the black bumper protection appliqué is located. I also extended the stripe forward of the front wheel opening a few inches, again along the crease line.

I'll live with this for a time, and see how I like it. I may choose to add a 2nd line of pin striping, 1/8" width, just above the first stripe. I may make it red or blue, just to add a subtle whiff of color to my otherwise all white (and black) iA.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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