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Wondering anyone with a 2016 scion iA has had problems with it starting after sitting in direct heat/ sunlight for an extended period. This has happened 3 times so far. The dealership is clueless and I can't locate any recalls or any info about this happening. It's a 2 year old vehicle. What happens is Windows can still be rolled up and down and are power windows.power locks work. But if I got brake and start button to roll engine over, it refuses to start.
*When this happens, do you hear a clicking noise when trying to start? That would be the battery or battery posts are corroded.

*When trying to start vehicle, if you don't hear anything but the dash lights stay on without blinking or looking dim, that means that your starter solenoid is bad (very unlikely unless you stop-start the vehicle a lot) or you have a bad ground (have you modded anything in the vehicle?).

*Lastly, if you bought from a dealership in the US, they're starting to install this alarm system to all new vehicles that messes up the whole starting process of the vehicle. Does your vehicle have a bright blue LED under the steering wheel? Go to the dealer and get that uninstalled/cancelled ASAP.
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