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I have a Scion iA 2016, I'm in Yemen, I bought it before 4 years from USA,
I had a rattling sound from the engine at the start up for couple of seconds, it was very terrible sound like metal knocking on metal, the sound disappear completely after a second or 2 and sometimes the engine won't start at the first push button press.
I kept driving it as is for more than 4000mile, because we don't have any spare parts in YEMEN as we have no Mazda dealership and Toyota for the Middle East never have this model at all.
After a long time of being confused what to do, I decided to remove the valve cover and start the engine, I noticed that the sound is from the intake cam shaft and rockers,
I shut down the engine and rotated it by the wrench I found that the problem is from the VVT Gear, I removed the timing chain to get the Gear off the camshaft,
Then I disassembled it and I found the cause of the problem, it was from the housing of the plunger which supposed to lock the Gear and keep it in retard position, I weld damaged side of the plunger hole and fixed the face by lath and re-assembled the parts back in position. After all I started my engine with problem solved. I attached some pics for the VVT Gear.

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