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Hello, just wanted to share my front brake rotor replacement experience. I followed a popular guide on Youtube from ChrisFix. I made a write up about the difference the specific parts I used: .

The reason why I replaced them is due to constant squeak and squealing noise.
Previously, I had my pads replaced with OE from the Toyota dealership (Mazda pads). I had my rotors resurfaced. But the rust came back.

The issue was in cold starts, cold weather, mornings/nights, winter time especially. I suspect it was the pads were scratching on the rusted surface but with heat after usage, the pads would stop scratching the rusted area.

These new rotors don't seem special, so the rust may come back, but I wanted to learn/experience how to replace the rotors myself.

Let me know if you have questions or comments. Thanks!
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