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Which accessories are you getting?

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Currently available iA accessories, which ones are you getting?
Click on the image below for more details

  • Alloy Wheel Locks $65
  • Arm Rest $195
  • Cargo Net - Envelope $49
  • Carpet Trunk Mat $85
  • Door Sill Enhancements $170
  • Rear Bumper Applique $77
  • Navigation SD Card $419
  • Ashtray Cup $29
  • Cargo Tote $58



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I bought an SD card for $280 on ebay, just put it in & works like a charm...I've been told even tho Mazda gives 3 free years of updates on their cards, the Scion cards don't include them for free??!!....
Does Mazda 3 navigation SD work?
No, you have to go with the Scion Nav. There is a post about this somewhere. It's my understanding that the Mazda Nav cards wil not work.

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Google map wins hands down when it comes to navigation but I may not always have the signal to use it when I'm in the middle of nowhere. They should just come out with a GPS.
Keep us updated on the SD card mobydee71!
That's why I still end up using my smartphone or tablet. If you pre-load your route instead of keeping data connected all the way throughout the trip you can save a lot on data. Since even these days data plans still are a bit pricey.
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