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Now that we have fully seen the Scion iA, including pricing, the reviews are coming out, and the news is good. With pricing near the bottom of its segment and best-in-class fuel economy, the Scion iA has all the characteristics of a high-volume success story.

The Scion iA is priced at $15,700 for the 6-speed manual and $16,800 for the 6-speed automatic. That price comes with a number of standard features, and remember that the Scion iA doesn't have any options to tack on, so this is the one-size-fits-all list of features.

Standard Features

- 16-inch alloy wheels
- turn-signal repeaters in side mirrors
- low-speed forward-collision warning system
- push-button ignition
- backup camera
- Mazda's 7-inch infotainment system screen

One of the most alluring things about the Scion iA is its best-in-class fuel economy. The automatic version gets 37 mpg combined, while the manual version gets 36 mpg combined. Given that the manual is $1,100 cheaper than the automatic, I think that is the better purchase.

The interior is entirely lifted from the Mazda2 which is fine since its a great interior. The infotainment system works well and there is enough space to fit your friends and family as passengers. The Scion iA boasts 13.5 cubic feet or trunk space, and 60/40 split rear seats for extra capacity if needed.

Finally, the Scion iA is also fun to drive. Its 106 hp and 103 lb-ft of torque are plenty to motivate its 2,400 lbs. The steering is dirct and the motor is perky.

Around town, the iA has plenty of poke, and while it labors at higher speeds, it never stops willing you along. If there’s one knock on the iA, it’s the amount of body roll that comes from quick direction changes...

The iA, however, is stunning value for money, and its gearbox, fuel efficiency, and attractive looks will undoubtedly bring hoards of new buyers into the Scion fold.
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