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For 2016, you'll get to choose between a standard 6-speed manual or optional 6-speed automatic transmission mated to a Mazda sourced 1.5-liter engine (more here

Getting a greater sense of what you can expect from both transmissions, here's a little blurb on both:

Standard 6-Speed Manual: The standard 6-speed manual is compact and lightweight, and is super low on friction with a short stroke, making it one of the sweetest-shifting manuals around.

Optional 6-Speed Automatic: The available 6-speed automatic will be intriguing. Engineered for light weight, low friction and a direct-shift feel, the automatic has a bit of a dual personality. It moves the Scion iA off from a standing start with the smoothness only a torque converter automatic can deliver, yet very quickly afterward locks the converter for quicker, more direct shifts and higher fuel economy. For drivers seeking greater torque feel, a Sport Mode feature is available with the flip of a switch.
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