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So my drum brakes originally had some squeaking sound when braking at slow speeds so I had them checked out for free at a mechanic shop. It turned out to be just brake dust which collects in the brake drum.

Now someone noticed one of the wheel cylinders (converts hydraulic pressure to mechanical force to engage the drum brakes) was leaking. The repair cost was around 260 so I ordered a 28 dollar wheel cylinder myself and installed it. I couldn't put the dang main spring back on as it's insanely tough. According to the mechanics, this is one of the more difficult drum brakes to service.

I took out the adjuster screw assembly, collapsed the two brake shoes together, put back on the brake drum and had it towed for essentially free since I had AAA roadside assistance to a nearby mechanic workshop who put it back together for 69 bucks, tax included.

Just get it done at a workshop, those springs are insane. They needed two guys busting their hinds to get it back together.

There is an ESPECIALLY annoying spring with some l-shaped piece that loves to fall out as you're trying to put the bigger stronger spring back on. Don't do it bros, dooooo not do it.
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