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I have a 2016 scion ia. It was brought to the toyota dealership because it shut off while driving, it didn't turn on again. Dealership said it had a short to ground because apparently one of the wires on the injector relay side had only 5v. They also said it had a bad injector relay. They wanted to replace the wiring harness and they also mentioned a junction intergrated into the fuse box. I began checking out the fuses and relays. I found that engine 2 fuse was blown that runs into the bad injector relay. I tested the wire that had a short to ground and ended up having 12v, so I don't think the dealership diagnosis was correct. The car starts right up and runs fine for the first few seconds of a cold start. After that, it runs really rough and there's an occasional backfiring in the intake manifold and constant backfiring in the exhaust. It's also constant at higher rpm. At idle it hesitates pretty bad that it stalls at times. The check engine light only comes on for the maf. I don't know what's going on.
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