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Tire problem

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I got a new Scion I/A on Monday, memorial day. Within about 27 hours, my right rear tire was flat and I guess I ran into something that slashed it. Not blaming the tire.

So I took it to the dealer today and it's not repairable so a new tire is going to cost me $190.00. PLUS it won't be available from Kansas until 6/7/16.

Does anyone know if I can find a tire any where locally (Salt Lake City). I haven't done any research at all, and I really want the same tire for it.

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In case anyone is interested, I did some WWW-ing and found the same tire etc from Tire for about $70 cheaper. And they can have it delivered by tomorrow. So that's some good news :)
Yup, I'm changing all 4 tires asap.
I think someone mentioned this issue a couple weeks ago as well, this is an issue
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