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What got me to buy the Scion iA

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Scionic posted in another thread that this type of thread might be worth while to those who have yet to purchase. Since I'm newer here, and also have less car experience, I hope some others will chime in.

I bought the iA after I searched out a 2016 Mazda2 and realized it was branded the iA. As a graduate student, I didn't feel comfortable upgrading up to the Mazda3, as the price would be too much for my budget. But I was familiar with, and really like, the Mazda3 as my sister, dad and girlfriend all have different Mazda3 models. Therefore, I'm pretty biased towards the Mazda brand and also appreciated that it would be serviced by Toyota.

Here are some of the top reasons I chose the Scion iA:
- The price -- This fell well into my budget, and I'm not sure if dealerships are truly trying to move them from their lot quickly, but when I went to buy recently, they were able to give me $770 off, in addition to the rebates I qualified for (I did have to show them a cheaper offer from another dealership). But I'm guessing now is the time to buy before they become Yaris.
- Fuel efficiency -- This speaks for itself
- Top Safety rating -- Also speaks for itself
- Mazda interior -- I like the Mazda interiors a lot, some people dislike the dashboard screen, but I don't mind it. The seats are also the same as the 2014+ Mazda3's, and that's one of the few seats where my back doesn't get sore during long term driving (I'm 6'4"). Other subcompacts that I drove were not as comfortable.
- The Included features -- It's pretty hard to find something comparable in terms of what this cars has in features. I seriously considered a Honda Fit at the middle trim level, but that would be 2-3K more expensive. So the iA just gave quite a bit more.
- Fun to drive -- This one is harder for me to explain, as this is my first car, and I don't have a TON of experience driving other cars. I read this quite a bit about the iA. I don't think I realized it until I test drove it in manual, but it is entertaining to drive. This has to be a personal factor. But I did end up getting the manual over the automatic because it was more fun, and I had planned on the latter up until the test drive.

The things I wish it had:
- More space in the back -- Like I said, the Fit was another car I considered, as it would be nice to be able to carpool. But I ultimately realized, I won't actually be driving more than one other person THAT much. Also, within my friend group, I'm the tallest person, so it might be cramped, but it won't be awful for most people. I do wish there was a bit more room (This is coming from a 27 y/o grad student who has no family or large things to carry).
- Just a little more quality -- I mean this with respect to the interior materials. Obviously, it's what keeps the cost down, so I'm not complaining. But the driver door panel I can feel bend when I push to open the door. The back seat doors also just sound "tinny" when closing them. I don't care THAT much about this, because I got a vehicle that provides a lot for me, at a low cost, but these are just things I wished.

Anyway, I'll start us off with that. Again, this community has been really great. So I'd like to pay it forward.
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The fuel economy is in hybrid-territory.
The trunk is very large; they like to advertise it as bigger than a Corolla's.
It is very short and narrow, making it easy to maneuver and park.
Compared to my last vehicle, it is much better at crawling in first gear (like in a parking lot), it hardly has to be going 3mph.
Looks like a Mazda of course.
Warranty/maintenance is a comfortable feeling.
Pretty good ergonomics in the front: steering wheel buttons are easily accessibly, control for the touch-screen is intuitive.

Wind/road noise is pretty evident, especially on the highway or in the rain.
Sound system is not terrible, but I believe there are only 6 speakers, and they don't have a great mix.
Pretty low torque. If I need to get out of the way, I had better not be in 4,5, or 6.
Back seats are cramped, but if you don't have friends, no problem.
Cold weather makes the plastic near the front and back windshields squeak.
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