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What is the best headlight bulb to replace stock?

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I bought some 4-Sides CREE H4 9003 375000LM 2500W LED Headlight Kit Hi/Lo Beam Bulbs 6000K off of Ebay for $10. Pros- brighter, whiter, easier to drive with. Cons- the rubber bulb covers will not fit over them correctly due to the large base and the drivers side low beam has already gone out (the high beam still works).
I really like the LED bright/white light, but don't want to keep replacing them. I do not wan to go back to the original halogen, but they last. What LED (or other bulbs) have you installed that fit, last, and you are satisfied with? Thank you.

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Hi, I bought this ones to mi IA,
there are very bright and I turn off my DRL for last longer the H4 Bulb life.
Hi, my car is Toyota Hilux, and I bought a set of NAOEVO ND Series H4 LED headlight kit for upgrade. They claim these LED bulbs are the brightest one among their all products. And the brightness of this bulb is far beyond my expectations. Although many people worry about causing dazzle, but so far I have not encountered any traffic penalties....:confused:
Buy the Osram 150% Halogen from Amazon.
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