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I believe they stopped selling the Mazda based Yaris in 2020. According to CarGurus, there are two left in the country with a manual. (other sites may find more) they are priced at 17,040 and 18,613 and are in North and South Carolina.

Sounds like you got a good deal even if you end up paying for the windshield repair. By the way, if the windshield needs to be replaced, the electronics will likely need to be reset as well.

I couldn't imagine buying a new car and not driving it for 2 weeks.
I test-drove it twice, ridden in it once, and drove it to my trusted mechanic and back home. Oh and it came with a basic 2-yr maintenance package: A/C, 5-oil changes,...

$17-18 grand! That's more than it's MSRP!

i live in a mostly low-income city so perhaps they dropped the price a bit for that, too.

The only thing i don't like is how it's Push-Start and i think it only came in Push-Start for 2016 and came with only 1 key fob but meh. The Honda Fit i was looking at had 2 physical keys.
The color is nice but will be difficult to maintain in this desert climate. Especially since it didn't come with mud flaps.
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